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About Us

Déjà, that’s Desirée (30, Roermond) and Julia (32, Düsseldorf): 2 Nationalities, 2 friends who’ve met eachother in their passion for music. They met in 2009 while studying Music Therapy and grounded this duo in September 2017.
The foundation of the Déjà sound is characterized by harmonic singing, western guitar and violin.
In September 2019, Déjà spent 5 days in the studio of Monkey Moon Recordings, Dortmund. Together with some musician friends they recorded their first EP ‘Place Called Home’ which was released at the end of January 2020.
Drummer Martijn Peeters (Roermond) and Bass player
Noël Leclair (Roermond) are the newest members of the Déjà crew.

Violin, Guitar, Harp, Voice

Julia Podolecki

If you ask me when I started making music, it’s hard for me to give an answer. I’ve been born into a family of musicians, so it was always part of my life to play music together with my grandpa, aunt, mum, dad and my brother. When I was 6 years old, I wanted to play the violin, just as my role model Vanessa Mae. Soon after, I joined music school. As I’ve been always someone who doesn’t like to decide on just one thing, I took part in an orchestra, learned how to play the piano and participated in saxophone lessons in addition to playing violin… And little by little the music school became part of my home. 
When I think back to my teenage years, there was also a time, I turned my back on making music, I even didn’t feel like singing. Of course I couldn’t stand it for long without creative input, so I fled into the dreamy world of painting and went dancing in cuban atmosphere as long as my feet would carry me. But at some point I had to admit that I simply needed the music to live a happy life.
Guitar, Piano, Voice

Desirée Simons

I’ve been interested in music since I was a little girl: playbacking the Spice Girls with a hairbrush in front of the mirror and improvising songs for the little birds in my grandparents’ garden. I wanted to play the piano since I was 5 years old but somebody told my parents that my hands were too small (I’m serious) so they let me start playing when I was 7. I fell in love with it and cherished the dream of playing the piano professionally but I was too busy being a young adult to put in hours of practice a day and achieve this. 
I’m absolutely the worst in getting up in the morning (and going to bed in the evening), always in for a laugh and a beer or two, I love to ride my motorcycle and my old suzuki alto. I’ve named them both, just like my instruments. I love my guitar Rosie, traveling, hiking, being out in nature. At the moment I seem to love renovating a house, too. And most of all I loooove playing and performing with the band!!

Martijn Peeters

37 years old and living in Roermond since 2012. In my own words, I have been searching for rhythm for 23 years and love to be a seen drummer, session musician. I have been playing in Déjà since 2019 and have had a musical career where I played in bands like Obscure, 4TO5, The Band That Looked Like Justin Timber and Credo.


Noël Leclair

I have been playing bass guitar for quite some time now. It actually started in a friend’s garage where I jokingly grabbed a bass guitar and started playing with a few friends, at that moment I immediately fell in love with the instrument. Why I like it so much? Put on an average song related to funk genre and see (listen) for yourself! The great rhythmic foundation of bass guitar and drums is something I’ve absolutely loved since childhood. Through the years my preference in music and different genres has only expanded, think of indie, country and of course pop. I really enjoy playing with the band and sharing the live experience with them. Besides making music, I love traveling and I’m also a bit of a tech-nerd.

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